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What is Jonathanophilia?

Jonathanophilia is an acquired, conditioned, learned, or compulsive neurotic tendency to approve of every policy and action of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan without applying critical judgement in evaluating them. It causes its sufferer to be a fanatic supporter of GEJ. They are also known as Jonathanians, but in technical terms, a Jonathanian is just a supporter of GEJ while a person having Jonathanophilia is suffering a psychological disorder. He is not just a supporter of GEJ.



(1) You voted for GEJ in 2011 or if you didn’t vote, you would have voted for him if you had voted and intend voting for him in 2015
(2) You feel anger boiling inside of you each time people criticize GEJ
(3) Your first reaction to any accusation or criticism against the government of GEJ is to switch over to defensive mode
(4) You hate APC
(5) You don’t believe $ 20 billion was missing. If it was, why should GEJ be involved in the matter, is he the finance minister? Mtcheeew!
(6) You want the kidnapped Chibok girls back but don’t feel security lapse should be blamed for the reason why Boko Haram were able to kidnap the girls
(7) You would rather say nothing than say anything against the leadership of GEJ
(8) You believe in luck
(9) Your friends in real life or people around you don’t have strong political opinions
(10) You believe Obasanjo is a monster from the pit of hell
(11) You are from Niger-delta region, Southeast or you are from Southwest but do not align with the ideologies of those who call themselves progressives
(12) Religion plays a big role in your life especially the christian faith.
Your pastor loves GEJ and believes Boko Haram is the coming anti-christ
(13) You are very emotional
(14) You may not like this one. Well, it is not really targeted at you, The truth is you may be the laid-back type that doesn’t like taking charge in the strict sense of the word and always want to come across as a “kind leader or person”.

If you have more than five of the attributes outlined above then you have high chances of being Jonathanophiliac.

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Posted on May 9, 2014