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What is really going on???

This kidnap of school girls is what every Nigerian should condemn. However, whilewe condemn the ugly act, we should open our eyes and think about some puzzling facts on this abduction saga. Nigerians were told two conflicting stories on how these girls were kidnapped. One story has it that boko haram attacked the school and took the girls, while the other says the principal released them to men on army uniform who said they came to protect them against attack. Imagine! The principal just released them like that. Ok, that’s not even the real gist.

Some concerned Nigerians have been asking for school records of those girls; their names, pictures, etc but Borno state govt say it’s risky security wise to release such information. Hmmm? What could be more risky than these girls being in boko haram den? Ok, just yesterday, the same Borno state govt said the school records of these girls were destroyed by boko haram when they attacked the school on April 14 or so. Hmmm! What a tale! I saw some mothers on BBC who claimed the girls are their daughters protesting with placards that read: ‘We want our girls”, ‘Jonathan must go, we’ll vote him out come 2015”, etc.

I didn’t however see the mothers display the pictures and names of their abducted girls like mothers will do here in UK, all they wanted was for Jonathan to go (I mean all the placards Joi). Which do they want? Their children or president 2 go? As a mother, my interest is my kid, after seeing my kid, then I can call for president to go. Like seriously, I’m begining to think the protesters might have been rented probably by opposition party who are so desperate to rule Nigeria come 2015.

Now, my suggestion is. since the girls registered for WAEC and the school authority claim their records have been destroyed, let the president summon the WAEC registrar and mandate him to make public the pictures and names of all the girls that registered for WAEC in Chibok Girls Seconday School. This I think would unravel the foul play behind this abduction saga. Dear Mr President, you do not need a committee to do this. Thus, your committee is irrelevant to unraveling the mystery behind this abduction.

Obot Etuk @obotetuk

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Posted on May 3, 2014