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 In spite of being upbraided by the federal government, fellow governors and several others, Governor Murtala Nyako has insisted the Federal Government is behind the Boko Haram insurgency. The Adamawa state governor had ruffled the nest last weekend when he wrote what many have considered extreme and done in bad faith not only to cast aspersion on the federal government but to incite Northerners against the government and Southerners.

However, the former Chief of Naval Staff and subsequently Chief of Defence Staff, was adamant that whatever claims he had made in the memo are actual statements and challenged the government of President Goodluck Jonathan to come up with facts to the contrary.

The governor, who spoke on the Hausa Service of the BBC monitored in Jos, said the memo written to his colleagues and in which he explained in details his view was prompted by the spate of killings in the North and the systematic destruction of the region. He drew inferences to former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter sometime last year in which the former military ruler asserted that the federal government was deliberately plotting dangerously against perceived opponents and that some persons were marked for elimination.

“Northerners are being killed every day. Those whom I have said are responsible of these evil acts cannot prove me wrong and if they think it is not true, let them come out publicly and prove beyond any reasonable shadow of doubt.“Already, Obasanjo had said that the North would suffer from killing and destruction and that has come to reality. What is happening now is a clear evidence of Obasanjo’s letter that something of such nature would happen and we are seeing it now.

“One of the strategies employed by the sponsors has been that people would always be brought in helicopter to kill both Northern Muslims and their Christian counterparts. So, they kill everyone in the region irrespective of religious affiliation,” he added stressing that the federal government has done nothing concrete to confront the insurgency.
It would be recalled that Nyako’s memo had provoked angry reactions from key officers of the federal government and was the basis for Thursday’s expanded National Security Council meeting which later followed by the Northern Governors meeting with the Sultan in attendance with other senior clerics.


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Posted on Apr 26, 2014