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 I attended the so-called end of August meeting ceremony held at Heroes Square the other day which in Owelle’s usual manner was turned into a campaign for APC and whatnot rather than the real plights of the common Imo woman.

On my way back near the Assumpta Cathedral, I saw a small bill hanging on several lamp stands which read “730 days down, one project every day”. As misleading as the bills would appear for newcomers coming into Imo from Port Harcourt, I was forced to wonder, where are these 730 projects? Are we talking about 730 finished projects or 730 unfinished projects or 730 abandoned projects? Are we talking about the roundabouts which never seem to be completed and the only complete one at Rockview roundabout is already falling apart or are we talking about the haphazardly done sidewalk/gutter covers which have started falling in barely six months after they were built?

I would really love to be cleared on these 730 projects which should, by the rate of one project per day as boasted by the bills, now be more than 730. I would really love those who always claim to be in the know about Owelle’s marvelous transformations to enlighten us more about these 730 projects because if the roads built at Egbu Housing barely one year old but now almost totally washed away by one rainy season is part of that 730 projects then some people have to reexamine their heads. If that road along Douglas House by State CID constructed twice by Weedis (a construction firm owned by the Speaker Uwajumogu) is one of the 730 projects then there is something definitely wrong with whoever made those bills.

Unlike those critics who sit in their homes and criticize those who mean well for them, I move around the state to observe things for myself before I talk so that when somebody says I am misinformed, I can dare them to tell us that their ‘truth’ which I can now easily expose the lie in their utterances. I have always asked the members of the Owelle praise-singing choir whenever I see them to tell me those ‘wonderful’ achievements of Owelle. Most times out of frustration for lack of anything to say which I cannot comfortably rubbish or point out the fraud in it, these choir members resort to insults or threats. Many people will still argue that Owelle is working so I am giving you the floor after now to tell us those wonderful works of Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha. It can even be a debate where like civilized people we air our views looking at those for and those against with their different educated views and without some illiterates calling others names.

I have used Owerri, the capital city and parts of Okigwe as my guinea pigs to see how many road projects of the Owelle administration are so far doing well under this rainy season and it is dismaying to say that almost none have survived unshakened by this rain. There is almost no ‘new’ road that isn’t either fallen apart or developing potholes or washing away and this got me thinking, why is it that roads built by Chief Sam Mbakwe almost 30 years ago have survived over 30 years of rainy seasons and many still stand till today while those built by Owelle some even just this year are already shaking? If they are already shaking within their first year, that means before Owelle’s tenure is up they may just be totally washed off and the next governor while start all over again probably using Owelle’s tactics of giving us cheap substandard roads and the circle will keep going on and on at the detriment of the common Imolite who has become too foolish or blinded probably by poverty to see what is happening to him and his generation both born and unborn

I also noticed roundabouts springing up everywhere and even though it is a good thing, I hope many of them do not meet the same fate that befell the ill-fated gates which are scattered about Owerri in abandonment causing eyesore to decent minded people. I also cannot help wonder how much it is costing Imolites to build these roundabouts and how much is Owelle really quoting. If those gates were quoted at almost N5million per gate, who knows, these roundabouts may have N1billion price tags. Just saying.

I took a stroll along the sidewalk/gutter covers near St. Mulumba along Wethderal and noticed that one of the covers have already caved in. The others are already filled with cracks and I constantly fear for those who park their cars on those things as I can only imagine the lesson learnt by whoever his car fell into that one that caved in. Even the flyover being built along Wethderal and the pace and manner it is been built scares me. I remember while in Alvan Primary, when the pedestrian flyover at Alvan was built. Wetin I see then no bi wetin I dey see now and with the level of substandard projects trailing this regime, I don’t think I will be testing my luck on that flyover whenever the eventually finish it. Even the bridge at West End which Ohakim left unfinished but Owelle completed after I hammered him about it severally isn’t still looking too good. I and any decent minded Imolite is a person of standards and cannot ‘manage’ substandard projects. Owelle is yet to tell me and Imolites what he intends to do with the abandoned vehicular flyovers at Akwakuma and Orji, both left unfinished by Ohakim despite his boast two years ago to finish it. Roads like IMSU/Aladinma Hospital roads which I believe was the first road in Owerri capital to see Owelle’s bulldozers are now disasters waiting to happen while roads like Trans-Egbu road which were said to be finished were only recently being reconstructed again because the road has fallen apart. Are we going to continue like this? Is it our curse to continue managing everything and every time? Can’t our leaders for once bring out their minds and hearts and work for us without thinking first for how much they are going to make and as such give us substandard projects to maximize profit at our detriment? When will Owelle and all our other leaders realize that it isn’t all about money all the time but good name and right now, Owelle’s good name is gradually going down the toilet and he is now viewed by many as a greedy man who is gradually pocketing Imo State as he goes about buying up everything and converting lands everywhere. Leadership is about sacrifice and so far, our crop of leaders do not understand what that word stand for. If Owelle understood half the meaning of thay word, his projects will not be substandard. I don’t mind if he awards everything to his conpany Roche but why can’t he and his cronies giving us quality? Uwajumogu’s firm Weedis is at it again at Chukwuma Nwaoha spending months to fix just a small portion of road showing how inexperienced they are but then, how long will that project last before it follows others?

Owelle is good at sending in the graders and bulldozers to create the impression that ‘Men are at Work’ like the roads he opened so many places like at Nwaorieubi and took months before any work ever started on them. In some areas, no work have even started and in many places, the roads have started to fail. I wonder when he will start work on Relief Market road and how that one will play out.

Looking at Imo State and the level of abandonment in the state is really annoying and painful. May God help us all. Ka Chineke mezie okwu.



Written by Obinna Akuwudike 


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